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Science-backed techniques for learning that sticks

Drawing representing the learning process.
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How can I possibly learn all this stuff? And how will I remember it for my exam?

My brain is packed, like a library crammed with books. Nothing I look at, write up and study seems to go in.

Yet, for a weird reason, it can always save more data. Like that first day back at the gym, learning hurts. Your brain muscles ache after training hard.

But with pain comes knowledge. After a while, you start soaking up new concepts like a sponge.

I’ve learnt to overcome the initial hurdle of hard work. …

If we work in the office and use our free time to turn hobbies into more work, we burn out. So what can we do instead?

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I earned X amount doing Y
This is how I turned my side hustle into a full-time job
5 top side hustles that will earn you over 100$ / month

Are sick of seeing these titles all over the internet? I am. It drives me mad.

Often the authors promise huge wins and a lifetime of tequilas at the beach. A promise that only the best can follow and put into practice.

Because you’re only starting out you read to the end of the article, and your self-worth plummets.

And yet, those titles grab your attention. They let you have…

Why I’m fed up being shamed for not getting the jab

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

With sweaty fingers, I typed our town into the search bar of the app. As soon as the results loaded, it hit me. Despair engulfed me as I read what I would miss out on until an indefinite time in the future:

You no longer had access to restaurants, bars, music schools, clubs, libraries, museums, galleries, concerts, theatre, festivals, fairs, hairdressers, hair salons, massage parlours, saunas, art schools, hostels, hotels and campsites without a negative Antigen test from August 16.

And the free rapid Covid tests will cost between 15–20€ from mid-October.

I threw my phone down in frustration. Autumn…

Time to get real about our Creator fantasy

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Ever since year one, I’ve wanted to find a unique job. But, while all the other kids wanted to be firefighters and builders, I was indecisive.

Reality kicked in when I was about to graduate from school. People constantly asked me what my profession was to be after my studies. “Umm, not sure yet” would be my most frequent answer.

I settled for a business and programming course, which will result in a bachelor of science a few weeks from now. While I’m excited for my future as a software engineer, I still feel the itch to create.

Lockdown had…

How an ordinary Monday led me to this vital realisation

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

“I’m talking to real humans!”, I thought rejoicing from within.

It was the first time in months that I went to the office. A seemingly eternal journey by train and tram guided me to the entrance of our new building. Apart from the confusing signs throughout the building site, I entered the lift and travelled to the fifth floor.

As I stepped out and walked to the new reception, I couldn’t help but smile—finally, new interactions with actual people. I couldn’t wait to chat with some colleagues and grab lunch at the Kebab place round the corner.

The day faded…

A deep dive on why to go on a “habit holiday”

Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

For almost a year my weekly plan looked like this:

  • workouts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • short runs on Tuesday and Thursday
  • long run on Sunday
  • Saturday off

Every day had a routine, a purpose, and a plan. I tried never to miss out on training. When I did, I’d have to catch up on the missed session.

The initial excitement slowly faded. My body was in shape “enough” and I got very tired of our local forest runs. I started training for my conscience and to feel better, but lost the initial spark over time.

August was predestined to…

What I learnt from my first success on the platform

Screenshot by author

This month I wrote four stories. But it was the one article I wrote about my revision strategies last month that blew my brain.

It’s nothing like the viral stories some people will show you here, but it was a massive win for me. Better Humans accepted my draft and published my article in front of 380k readers.

It felt oddly strange. After months of on and off Medium, I finally got into a significant publication. Finally, people were reading my work and enjoying it as well.

When I checked my stats the others day, I thought the page was…

#2 It’s all about the two of you

Photo by Stephen Leonardi on Unsplash

As we ascended the mountain to catch the sunrise, I got more nervous by the minute. We had started just before six AM to get a good view of the sun rising in the Alps.

So, geared up with the camera and tripod, I searched for a perfect place for the photo.

After a 50-minute climb, I had found the perfect spot. A small green hill overlooked the mountains. It was a magical scene. I took the photos that served as a cover-up for my real purpose of that morning.

I asked my girlfriend if she could help me proofread…

#5 Give undivided attention

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

When the french press killed Princess Diana in a car crash in 1997, the whole world went into a state of mourning and shock. One of the most beloved ex-royals died at the prime of her life, leaving behind two young sons and a divorced husband, Prince Charles.

Why did the people feel so emotional about the death of a public figure to whom they had no relation? Sure, it was sudden and unexpected, but why does her legacy continue to live?

Diana was loved beyond the island of Britain. Her down to earth personality brought new life into the…

How words at the right time avoid disasters

Photo by Mathias P.R. Reding on Unsplash

Bullets shoot back and forth as the criminals round up the bank staff. The leader passes instructions as the outside world slowly ramps up their military team.

A few masterminds captured one hundred hostages. They planned this long ago. All they want is a lot of money. And a safe trip out of the country. Hostages will work the money press until the time is ripe.

Will the outside world have a chance to save the lives of innocent people? Can reason overpower the greed for money?

We all want answers to these questions. And for this very reason, we…

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