How to Easily Find out What Your Customer Wants

How Airbnb uses Clayton Christensen's strategies to succeed

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4 min readDec 15, 2020


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In Marketing, the overall goal of every company or business tends to be the same: To attract more customers for their products.

The easiest way for a business to gain and keep their customer base is through understanding their customers.

Customer Experience is an elemental topic to comprehend. A study from Dimension Data in 2017 revealed how 84% of companies that improve their customer experience show a revenue increase.

Another study explained how companies with good customer positively affected their brand loyalties.

We can see how relevant customer experience is to companies and businesses. It has never been this easy to get insights into customer data.

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence help identify the ideal customer and their specific wants and needs.

What truly drives a business is innovation. Many companies see innovation as a top priority. However, the resulting actions aren’t interpreted correctly.

The huge amount of data that is being collected from the customers is used to show correlations. For example, 70% of customers prefer version A from version B.

Based on these patterns in numbers, managers then make decisions. These decisions are based on assumptions that could be wrong. If a customer purchased product A, it doesn’t mean that customer B will do likewise.

What would be a better way to tackle this problem?

Clayton Christensen's Job to be done.

Clayton Christensen is a top Harvard Business School professor, famous for numerous books and studies on disrupting innovation.

In his book “The Innovator's Solution”, Christensen uniquely approaches purchasing a product.

Every purchase has to tick one box in particular:

The product has to complete a job.

Years of market analysis lead the authors of this article (one of them is Clayton Christensen) to the conclusion that constant focus on correlation and more knowledge about…



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